OSI SLV Chainsaw Training & Certification

The Outdoor Stewardship Institute (OSI) provided a 3 day chainsaw training and certification course. Using the Missoula Technology and Development Center (MTDC) Curriculum, trainees will be recommended for certification up to a “B” Sawyer skill level for Felling and Bucking. Certification levels were at the discretion of the workshop evaluator based on demonstrated field proficiency and is not guaranteed.

Location and Training Details
The course consisted of one virtual classroom day and 2 in- person field days. The in person training was held in the Rio Grande National Forest in the San Luis Valley.

Current basic First Aid and CPR certification or higher was required before attending the class to validate all saw certifications. Whether they’re used for thinning fuel loads in forests, removing invasive species, clearing blow downs or much more, chainsaws are an indispensable tool in many different natural resource and trail management applications. The focus of this 3-day workshop was be on saw safety; bucking, limbing, and felling principles and techniques; overview of the tools of the trade as well as tool care and maintenance; hazard analysis and situational awareness; and lots on sawing safety!

The sky was crystal clear with only a gentle breeze. The stars shined with brilliance.

Sawyer Training
The day started out clearly. On Sunday, the winds whipped up in the afternoon which started to create unsafe felling conditions. Winds were at times projected to reach up to 80 mph, so we were keeping a keen eye on the weather.

Here one of our VOC leaders is holding up some chaps that protected a new sawyer. It was impressive to see how well it worked, the saw did not even cut through the chaps before stopping. This saved the sawyer from serious injury or death, and is a good demonstration of how critical correct PPE is to do this activity safely.